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Which Visa?

With over 200,000 jobs advertised weekly and an emerging skills shortage, Australia needs workers who can either enter the country on a permanent residency visa and look for work or be sponsored by an employer on a temporary residence visa. At Fastrack Visas, we help you to identify the visa which best meets your circumstances.

The student visa is an excellent option and offers pathways to permanent residency in Australia. You can work part time while studying and enjoy an amazing lifestyle too. Australian universities and TAFE Colleges offer a wide range of professional and technical courses which help you develop outstanding careers. When you obtain your qualifications you have the opportunity to develop your career and apply for permanent residency. At Fastrack Visas, we help you identify study options and assist with student visa applications.

If you are an International Student currently studying in Australia, you have excellent opportunities to develop your career and apply for permanent residency. The team at Fastrack Visas can assist you with jobs and visa applications.

For parents or partners/spouses/fiances or children who want to be together with family in Australia, we can advise you on the best visa option.

Business people can migrate to Australia. If you have a successful business career and want to bring your expertise to Australia, Fastrack Visas can assist you with your business migration application.

Fastrack Visas helps professionals, workers, families and students to emigrate to Australia. To find out more, click on the heading that best meets your circumstances.

Professionals and Tradesperson Migrating to Australia

Study and work in Australia

Joining Family in Australia

Starting or Buying a Business in Australia


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